Why I wore a pink wedding dress


I’m not that bad-ass. Let me begin by making it clear that only part of the reason to wear color was to make a statement. The biggest and most important reason is that I love color. The core of my aesthetic sense is earthy and natural- I dislike any stark and cold black-and-white color scheme.  And if I do use white in a creative choice, it is always ivory or cream. Hence the grey and brown that the groom is wearing instead of formal black. Ever since I saw Portia de Rossi’s blush-colored Zac Posen wedding gown it was in the back of my head.

So the aesthetic choice came first. But then I didn’t like what it meant in the context our cultural tradition; that it meant it was a second wedding, or I somehow didn’t deserve to wear white. The New York Times announcement of Vera Wang’s collection at David’s Bridal, the very collection I selected my gown from, described the color choices in these terms: “In addition to vestal virgin white, the dresses are available in ivory, blush and champagne — something women with previous experience at the altar might particularly appreciate”. Furthermore, the collection’s tagline was “Every bride deserves to wear white”. I think that what they were going for was more along the lines of  every bride deserves to wear a top designer like Vera Wang. And I adore Vera Wang.  But I still don’t like the implicit assumption about purity in the choice of color.

That’s where the “F*** you, Tradition, I’m wearing pink!” element came in. The idea that the dress I chose to wear is a statement about my purity is disgusting to me. I decided to forgo the veil for the same reason. You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, and style, which is about self-expression and confidence, should not be tinged by judgement. Before Queen Victoria popularized the white wedding, color dominated the bridal fashion scene. And it will again; color is starting to come back, and I wanted to be a part of that trend. On my wedding day, I was beautiful, and to my knowledge, my pink dress did not elicit any scandalized gasps of horror or nasty comments from the guests. They were too busy having a good time.


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