The earthy aesthetic

Not mine; I wish!

Until a professional designer told me that I had an earthy aesthetic, I hadn’t thought much about it; I know what I like when I see it. But it’s true, and it happens to be very convenient for me, because I’m an amateur and as you can imagine, wooden beads are a lot less expensive than precious stones! Even if cost weren’t an issue, I still gravitate towards the raw and natural look of freshwater pearls versus their polished counterparts, for example.

As for colors, I like earthy hues that are naturally occurring; to me there’s nothing worse than a black and white checkerboard pattern with its sharp angles and cold colorlessness. Aesthetics is subjective but I draw the line there.¬†As for textures, the natural look can be found when embellishments resemble water droplets or barnacles. Take a look at the placement of the gems in this Alexis Bittar bracelet, for example:

Just because I love Alexis Bittar so much, here are a couple more examples of his use of earthy textures:

The earrings look like they could have come from a cavern, and the shape of the necklace is reminiscent of pebbles in the bottom of a brook. Obviously the materials he used contribute to the earthiness of these pieces, but he does the same thing with resin and rhinestones in his most popular cuff bracelets.

These designs are most definitely not naturally occurring, but they look as if they could be; one can imagine natural processes being used to achieve this end result.



I go through phases in my jewelry-making, and right now I’m in my “brick stitch” phase. In brick stitch, you create rows of beads in a circular pattern around a spherical center bead, as opposed to peyote, which is staggered. I like it so much because I can play with progressions in color. And you aren’t necessarily limited to going around in circles, as is the case in these earrings, where I also used variations in texture:

By using color progressions, you can control how the center is highlighted. When you start with a core and work your way outward, you are literally radiating. I love focusing on the beauty of one color by contrasting or complementing it with others.